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      巨鑫機床2005年成立于浙江·溫嶺,公司專注于專用數控機床研發制造,并成功研發了多系列軸銑端面打中心孔機床、數控軸盤類立式車床、立式及臥式深孔鉆、U鉆、等各種專用機床及智能自動化聯線。其中多項技術創新,得到十多家國際前十強企業高度認可使用,同時被西門子列入國際優質供應商采購平臺,深受廣大客戶好評。 Established in Wenling city of Zhejiang Province in 2005,Juxin Machine Tools Co.,LTD.is specialized in the R&D and the manufacturing of the special CNC machin tools.Juxin has successfully developed a series of special-purpose machine tools and intelligent automation lines,such as multi-axis end face driling machine tools,CNC shaft and disc vertical lathes,vetical & horizontal deep hole drilling machine tools and U- drills.With more than 100 innovative technological patents,we gain recognitions from more than 10 top multinational enterprises around the world and are ranked as one of the high-quality international suppliers by Siemens.We provide high uality services,which is important for us to gain high recogniions from our customers. 

      作為專注于專機制造的巨鑫,以高效、精準、安全、穩定的制造理念,回報新老客戶。在機床研發制造過程中,我們深入市場前沿,了解客戶以及行業的最新需求,研發設計出具有高性能的機床。 Focusing on the research and manufacturing of special-purpose machine tools,Juxin has been adhering to the comcepts of efficient,accurate,safe and stable manufacturing to meet customer’needs and requirements.We research the market and new issues in the industry in the process of developing and manufacturing machine tools in order to understand customers’ changing requirements and provide high-performance machine toos in the market. 

      In 2016,Juxin became a member of the Central Hole Machine Tool Association to draft industry standards and was awarded as the Standard Pilot Enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. 

      巨鑫理念:與市場同流,但絕不與市場合污,打造世界一流特色機床。 Juxin’s philosophy:following market trends;designing and manufacturing first-class machine tools for customers.

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